Home News Maporama announces detailed door-to-door itineraries for the Czech Republic

Maporama announces detailed door-to-door itineraries for the Czech Republic

Maporama, the provider of location-centric solutions, announced the immediate availability of detailed door-to-door itineraries for the Czech Republic. With this latest evolution of its product offering, Maporama confirms its leadership on the market of professional location-centric solutions, in particular real-time vehicle fleet tracking and mobile personnel management applications. Door-to-door itineraries for the Czech Republic extend the existing city-to-city itineraries Maporama already offered. Provided with a departure and a destination address or longitude/latitude coordinates, Maporama generates optimized door-to-door itineraries respecting multiple customizable constraints: shortest or fastest itinerary, driving or walking directions. All of these functionalities are available via Maporama’s pre-packaged itinerary products Maporama Drive Me, Maporama Search Along and Maporama Search Along Deluxe as well as through the company’s development tools Maporama Application Programming Interface Library (MAPIL) and Maporama Web Services.

This new extension to Maporama’s itinerary geographic coverage strengthens the superiority of the company’s product offering: by exploiting its exhaustive and exclusive geographic coverage, Maporama is the world’s only company to provide global itinerary functionalities for dozens of countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa. Using these excusive features, Maporama’s customers create highly strategic applications in the field of vehicle management and tracking, reduce their mobile personnel related costs thanks to optimized itineraries, and/or shorten their sales cycles by guiding them to the closest point of sales worldwide.