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MapObjects-Java Standard Edition released

ESRI has announced the availability of MapObjects-Java Standard Edition. This suite of more than 900 Java-based GIS and mapping developer components can be used to build custom, cross-platform GIS applications or applets. MapObjects-Java Standard Edition also includes prebuilt JavaBeans that are easily used in the integrated development environment (IDE) of your choice such as Sun’s Forte for Java or Borland’s JBuilder software.

Key features of MapObjects-Java Standard Edition include:

  • The ability to combine multiple data sources (local and Internet or Intranet) to create customized maps.
  • Connectivity with ArcIMS (ESRI’s GIS for the Internet).
  • A wide range of GIS capabilities and compatibility with many data sources including industry-standard shapefiles, ArcSDE layers, and a variety of image formats such as BMP, TIFF, PNG, JPG, and GIF.
  • Ability to create feature layers from custom data sources.

MapObjects-Java Standard Edition includes plenty of helpful resources for getting started including a guide to building applications, a programmer’s reference, Javadoc (standard interface and class descriptions), and more than 20 sample applications including source code, quick-start tutorials, and a comprehensive object model diagram.