MapMyIndia unveils self-driving car technologies

MapMyIndia unveils self-driving car technologies


India: Digital maps and GPS navigation devices manufacturer, MapMyIndia, has developed technologies that can be deployed in autonomous vehicles in India. Called RealView Technology and Advanced Maps, these innovations capture and sync high-resolution panorama photos with accurate GPS systems and an accelerometer. When paired with the Advanced map data, the system would be able to geo-tag, measure and analyse potholes, speed breakers, road signs, traffic signals, overhead bridges, lane markers and road shoulders, and help the car make intelligent decisions on driving, including pre-emptive manoeuvres.

The company is also working on a plug-and-play GPS device called Drive Mate, which would track the vehicle's CAN interface so that users can get access to information with regards to health of the vehicle.

Additionally, the company has developed a computer-aided fleet management system which will provide aided dispatch for emergency response vehicles like Fire trucks, ambulances and police vehicles

Source: NDTV