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MapmyIndia releases new GPS and map solutions

India – MapmyIndia today announced revolutionary new GPS and map solutions that will make travel in India safer and secure. iNav, a GPS-based application for mobile phones, transmits your exact location to your loved ones and transmits their location to you, anywhere in India, any time of the day or night. With this new application you don’t have to constantly call up your loved ones to check their location. Your own mobile phone will show you their exact location on a detailed map!

MapmyIndia also announced two new next-generation MapmyIndia Navigators for cars – loaded with a new and powerful, easy-to-use software interface. Finally, MapmyIndia also released a very simple SMS service that allows anyone with any kind of mobile phone to access driving directions and local business information anywhere across India, simply by sending an SMS. In these ways, any Indian consumer will feel more comfortable on Indian roads, guided by MapmyIndia maps.

“With the launch of these revolutionary new GPS and map solutions, MapmyIndia continues to make world-class digital maps and GPS solutions accessible to everyone across India. We hope our 15 years of efforts in digitally mapping India will help Indians travel with renewed confidence, safety and comfort on Indian roads” says Rakesh Verma, MD, MapmyIndia.

MapmyIndia iNav: Always be in touch through your mobile phone
This cool new application keeps you safe and secure on the roads. Besides giving turn-by-turn voice navigation anywhere across India, this application also can be used for personal tracking and safety. For instance, if on your way back home from office you frequently call your husband to tell him your location and how long you will take to reach home, iNav can help solve your problems. As soon as you start your journey, instruct iNav to send your location coordinates to your husband’s mobile phone, which also has iNav running. At regular intervals, iNav will send SMS messages to your husband’s phone, which will pull out the latitude-longitude details. These will be shown as your exact location on the iNav application on your husband’s phone. Importantly, this is a permission-based service, so you can choose who you want to inform of your whereabouts, and can also choose to turn it on or off whenever you want. This is for your security, and not for others invading your privacy.

The navigation software for iNav’s Connect and Loaded WF services is from the world-leaders, Wayfinder Systems. “We are excited about our close partnership with Wayfinder Systems in making the iNav navigation solutions possible, and believe this partnership can deliver many exciting products to Indian consumers and our telecom operator and handset manufacturer partners,” says Rakesh Verma. “We are delighted to be cooperating with MapmyIndia in order to offer to our users this innovative navigation solution,” says Magnus Nilsson, CEO at Wayfinder Systems.

Compatibility, Price and Availability: Mapmyindia iNav is compatible with nearly all mid- to high-end mobile phones of all the leading brands. For phones that don’t have a built-in GPS, MapmyIndia offers a Bluetooth GPS accessory. Prices for iNav range from Rs 249 (all inclusive) for a 1-month subscription, to Rs 3490 (all inclusive) for a lifetime purchase. iNav is available for retail in select outlets across India, as well as available directly from MapmyIndia.

Mapmyindia is aggressively forging strong relationships with handset manufacturers, telecom operators and VAS players to make MapmyIndia maps and navigation services available to as many consumers as possible. And now, MapmyIndia Maps are coming pre-loaded in Motorola’s new navigation phone, MOTOMING A1600, in India. MOTOMING A1600 is the first mobile phone to come pre-loaded with India’s best maps from MapmyIndia.

MapmyIndia Navigator: The next generation of infotainment in your car
MapmyIndia has also launched 2 new high performance Navigator models for in-car infotainment, which have enhanced hardware features, and come loaded with a brilliant new, powerful, and easy-to-use navigation software interface. The 2 new models, Delphi NAV 300 and 430 Classic, provide the most comprehensive and updated coverage of India, with street level detail in 202 cities, along with seamless All India connectivity, and a huge repository of over 4,50,000 points of interest. Both the new models include entertainment options to load and play music and movies as well.

  • Delphi NAV 300 is a high-performance device with 3.5” colour touch screen, ultra-long battery backup, and built-in Bluetooth, to enable hands-free receiving and dialing of phone calls
  • 430 Classic features an extra large wide 4.3” screen to make viewing maps during GPS navigation a richer experience.
  • Extremely rich lifelike map experience where one can drag, zoom, rotate and angle the map smoothly using the touch screen in any direction or to any scale (zoom level)
  • Smart, simple search which can handle spelling mistakes or incomplete address entry
  • High-performance navigation with high-speed route calculation and re-calculation, so there is no need to wait.
  • Easily searchable points of interest on the map, along with ability to overlay different categories on the map.
  • Geopix!: See geo-tagged photos on the map, as you are crossing that location.
  • Loaded with India’s most comprehensive coverage – 202 cities at street level, 1,30,000 towns and villages and 4,50,000 points of interest in 52 categories (like ATMs, petrol pumps, restaurants etc.)

Price and Availability: The new MapmyIndia Navigator models are priced at Rs 22,900 (all inclusive) as a one-time cost. There is no recurring cost to using the device, as GPS signal is free. MapmyIndia Navigator is available for retail across India, in car accessory outlets, car dealerships, in retail chains, and is also available directly from MapmyIndia (visit www.mapmyindia.com/navigator, or contact MapmyIndia Customer Care at +91 9999 333 223/4).

MapmyIndia SMS: Get directions or local information simply by sending an SMS
Anyone, anytime, anywhere may need to know directions to a place, distance between two locations, or where the nearest restaurant or petrol pump or ATM is. With MapmyIndia’s new simple SMS service, one can simply send an SMS to MapmyIndia’s automated service to get this information on their mobile phone

  • All users have to do is send ‘MMI FROM TO ’ to 56263 and they will get the distance, estimated time and step-by-step directions on their phone.
  • To find nearby businesses, user can send ‘MMI FIND NEAR ’ to 56263 and they will be provided information about those places, along with address and phone number details.
  • To get more information on the service, visit https://www.mapmyindia.com/mobile or send ‘MMI’ to 56263.