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MapmyIndia launches multiple products at Map the Future conference

India: MapmyIndia has developed and launched the first Digital Map Twin of Real World at its Map the Future conference on Monday here in Gurugram. This Real View Digital Map Twin will capture, recognize and publish real-as-life 3D and 360 degree map of both the outdoors and indoors through GPS, laser and panoramic camera sensors embedded on top of ground-based vehicles, back-packs, trains, flying drones, and trolleys that can move quickly indoors.

It can be updated continuously by leveraging MapmyIndia’s IoT (Internet of Things) platform, InTouch, which can process enormous streams of real-time video and data from vehicle sensors and professionally moderated crowd-sourced reports on traffic and road conditions, as well as its analytics engine, Insight, which analyses geo-tagged video in real-time through computer-vision and machine learning techniques to recognize and extract fixed features and changing obstacles on/conditions of the roads.

The company has partnered with Reverie Language Technologies to localize the map of India. The two companies have collaborated on the existing MapmyIndia platform, to localize India’s largest repository of digital map data built by MapmyIndia in the last 20 years, and on a new language based intelligent keyboard app, with map intelligence and assistance integrated, called ‘Hey Map’.

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At the conference, MapmyIndia shared details of its map of the future. On this occasion, Rohan Verma, Chief Technology Officer, MapmyIndia said “The next generation of our revolutionary Real View service, wherein we are pioneering building of the first Digital Map Twin of the Real World, powered by our technology building and acquisition efforts, is unprecedented, universal and overarching. It will be an all India map of the outdoor and indoor, in 360 degree and 3D, highly accurate and updated live, available in all local languages, captured from the ground as well as the skies, where each place and object is given a unique, simple, standardized identity, that we call eLoc. Our new Hey Map keyboard assistant, and new flagship Map app, will allow all billion Indians to benefit from our map of the future by allowing powerful map, navigation, tracking and analytics features to be accessed across all interfaces, such as mobile, keyboard, voice, VR, across all apps, websites, phones, and IoT platforms and the data and APIs that underlie our map will be power a whole host of consumer, automotive, business and government solutions.”

Mr. Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia said “Our business is strong and fast growing, with a CAGR of 40% YoY during the last decade, continuous and healthy profitability throughout our 20+ year history, and 80% market share by revenue in our location intelligence industry. As we look to the future of India and MapmyIndia, we are focused on creating maps so advanced that they mirror the real world, building location technologies so powerful that they can leapfrog India to the forefront of the digital world, and encouraging innovation across India, to help map a better and smarter future for all Indians. We believe Digital India and Make in India combined will lead to Best for India solutions, and are happy to likeminded organisations”.