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New Delhi, India, August 24, 2007: has launched new version of the portal v2008, which features landmark-based directions, localised Indian search, improved print page for print-and-go option, improved readability and detailed maps, etc. captures the online maps space and is the brand of CE Info Systems, India’s navigable map and GIS solutions provider. CE Info Systems has received venture funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, Sherpalo Ventures and Nexus India Capital. v2008 features include all India coverage, including 165 cities at street level; landmark-based turn-by-turn directions; optional ‘via’ routing to travel through a particular location; localised Indian search to handle unorganised address system problems; improved print page to carry maps and directions for easy reference; and free Web APIs for integrating comprehensive location functionality such as interactive maps, directions and local search to be made available to Internet and mobile application developers.

“Online maps and directions have become the de-facto guide for people in the US and Europe. For the same to happen in India, a tailored Indian approach is needed. We believe the landmark-based directions approach taken by MapmyIndia, amongst other features coming soon, will help drive the mass use of online maps in India,” said Sandeep Murthy, partner, Sherpalo Ventures and CEO, Cleartrip.