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MapMechanics extends street map coverage for market analysis, routing and tracking

10 October 2006: MapMechanics, the supplier of map data and technology, has increased its geographic range. In particular the range of maps derived from NAVTEQ source data has grown this autumn. MapMechanics, now provides NAVTEQ street level mapping for Australia, South Africa, Middle East, USA, Canada and, of course, Europe, including full coverage of the whole of Ireland.

Previously Ireland was particularly frustrating for UK organisations as companies could easily obtain excellent data for GB, but nothing of a similar detailed quality for Northern Ireland and Eire. Now routable MapMechanics NAVTEQ data is available for the whole of Ireland with named streets.

For truly global projects there is now also increasing coverage for Russia, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Mexico. NAVTEQ vector mapping is a comprehensive data set designed to be consistent across the world, with the same wide range of attributes, fully routable structure and helpful 5 level road classifications. MapMechanics processes and enhances the data to provide:

This new extended data range means that businesses can now carry out sophisticated site location and market analysis at their sites in many different countries. Vehicle tracking companies can track vehicles across whole continents using maps that have a consistent look and feel, and at a time of increasingly squeezed margins, hauliers, sales forces and so on, can optimise their schedule of deliveries or appointments in detail regardless of the geographic area they are working in.

Established as Kingswood Ltd in 1987, the company soon established an enviable reputation for expertise in map related technologies. MapMechanics evaluate data and software from across the world and offer the most suitable solutions for each application (together with consultancy, bespoke development, training and technical support as required). The company also publishes a comprehensive data catalogue (both on the web and in paper format). Products offered include map data from Ordnance Survey, AA, NAVTEQ, Andes and others, together with postcode, road speed, demographic, aerial photography and business data.