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MapLT – mobile map component for PDA devices for Mets

GISnet Solutions Finland will supply Metsäliitto with unlimited usage license for its MapLT component. Metsäliitto will be using MapLT for map-based user interfaces in its mobile mapping solutions. Metsäliitto Group has thousands of mobile units in several countries. The license agreement is among the biggest mobile mapping component license deals in Europe.

GISnet MapLT is a Java-based map component designed specially for PDA devices, hand held computers, Pocket PC’s and Nokia 9200 series Communicators. MapLT is suitable for developers wishing to utilise mapping capabilities within their mobile applications. With MapLT, developers can rapidly deploy applications for field workers, sales representatives or travellers having a mobile device like Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada, Nokia 9210 Communicator or PSION Netbook.

An end user application developed with MapLT can function independently without having to establish an on-line connection to a server. Spatial data and other necessary information can be downloaded into device’s memory card from server either using wireless or cable connection. Depending on the application and user needs, information collected from the field can also be uploaded back to the server.

To support MapLT GISnet has released the MapBox application. MapBox is targeted for spatial data suppliers. With MapBox, data suppliers can translate and optimise their data to MapLT supported file format.