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mapIT pens distribution deal with LBS provider

Johannesburg, South Africa: mapIT signed an exclusive distribution agreement with deCarta, a location-based service (LBS) provider. Under the agreement, mapIT will provide an integrated digital map feature running on deCarta’s LBS platform which currently serves over 30 million users across the world.

Etienne Louw, MD of mapIT said, “Our agreement with deCarta complimented by our partnership with shareholder TomTom Africa, whose portfolio includes digital maps as well as the most accurate real time and historical traffic products, effectively sees us entering a new era in the provision of our international value offering to the Southern African marketplace. And together with deCarta- the world’s foremost LBS provider – it greatly enhances our digital mapping services to customers. Indeed, mapIT is now a one-stop-shop for companies looking to develop their own customised LBS.”

The deCarta agreement will make it possible for Sub-Saharan Africa companies to have free access, during the development phase, to a wide range of LBS application programming interfaces (APIs) and services hosted in mapIT’s datacentre from March onwards. mapIT will then provide hosting services for their production applications. In addition, mapIT will resell deCarta’s Drill Down Server (DDS) products.

DDS is a geospatial software platform for building location-enabled applications. Under this arrangement, mapIT customers can now self-host their location based services behind their firewalls to build more sophisticated applications while maintaining complete control of their user experience.

Source: mapIT