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MapInfo Corporation has announced that in a project agreement with the Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (IC Mobile) its miAware(TM) GeoToolBox is being integrated by Siemens IC Mobile in their Location Enabling Server, which they are implementing into Vodafone’s mobile networks globally. The Siemens Location Enabling Server will enable Vodafone to offer customers value-added mobile location-dependent services and applications. MapInfo miAware GeoToolBox provides the geo-information functionality (mapping, routing, geo-coding). This signifies a milestone in the emerging mobile location services market, setting the stage for the widespread adoption and delivery of location-specific services that provide subscribers with relevant and valuable information.

Wireless is no longer just a way to stay connected to the office, but rather it has become a pervasive and indispensable part of life, affecting the way people work, play and live. This new
wireless lifestyle opens the door for mobile location services that provide consumers with personally relevant information wherever and whenever they need it. Vodafone is currently
rolling out the Siemens Location Enabling Server, which makes use of the MapInfo miAware GeoToolBox to retrieve geo-information, to its UK and German operating companies, and service in other European countries will follow in the next few months.

MapInfo miAware GeoToolBox is a robust, scalable platform, enabling wireless service providers to offer a wide range of unique applications such as city guides, real-time traffic updates, and “find the nearest” businesses or restaurants. By integrating it with the Siemens Location Enabling Server, wireless service providers are able to differentiate their offerings for all types of customers, resulting in a significant competitive advantage. Service providers have the option of using pre-built application templates or developing their own distinctive offerings specifically customized to their subscribers’ needs.