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MapInfo updates industry leading enterprise mapping solution

MapInfo Corporation announced the release of MapInfo Professional v7.5, the newest version of the company’s flagship mapping and analysis solution. With greater support of industry interoperability standards and improved integration with Oracle, Microsoft and IBM software, MapInfo Professional v7.5 now empowers enterprise users to analyze their data more effectively and make better decisions. MapInfo Professional v7.5 offers more than 30 new features, including enhanced data creation and analysis tools, designed to increase productivity and improve decision-making throughout the enterprise. Improved interoperability of IT and industry standards enables MapInfo Professional v7.5 users to perform more in-depth analysis of disparate sources of information. This new version fully supports Open GIS Consortium (OGC) standards for Web Mapping Service (WMS), enabling users to access remote or local servers over the Internet or intranet.

The latest version of MapInfo Professional offers customers a new arsenal of mapping, visualization and integration capabilities for improved analysis and presentation of critical information. MapInfo Professional v7.5 increases data access and the analytical capabilities of enterprise users by enabling them to share information between applications with greater ease and simplicity, regardless of the location or the format of queried data. For instance, MapInfo Professional v7.5 delivers improved support for Oracle Spatial technology as well as Microsoft Excel file format, which facilitates easier data sharing between enterprise customers. MapInfo Professional v7.5 provides the latest data access and interoperability features, enabling farmers to directly access county environmental law changes to immediately realize the impact of law changes, saving time and drastically reducing the inquiries and paperwork.