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MapInfo unveils Wi-Fi partnerships at SUPERCOMM 2003

MapInfo Corporation has announced joint marketing and development agreements with Wi-Fi leaders Ekahau and Bridgewater Systems(TM), to deliver a complete, end-to-end Wi-Fi location management solution. MapInfo offers the ability to accurately map and visualize Wireless LAN (WLAN) networks that are near a given customer, near existing serving facilities or for planned build-out of WLANs tied to existing enterprise networks. Through a combination of accurate street level data, wireless infrastructure data and spatial architecture, MapInfo provides the foundation in which WLAN network providers can understand “where” their networks are, “what” is tied to their networks, and provides them the “how” to better plan and manage their networks. MapInfo, Ekahau and Bridgewater Systems will demonstrate their Wi-Fi solutions and plans at MapInfo’s booth (#20747) at SUPERCOMM, June 1-5, at the Georgia World Conference Center. Through this partnership, MapInfo plans to offer a full range of custom solutions and supporting architecture to enhance the planning, engineering, operations and customer care of Wi-Fi Hot Spots (the public location where users can remotely connect to the Internet through a Wi-Fi network) and Enterprise WLANs.

There are numerous instances where a network provider of managed enterprise services could use these solutions to manage their network. For example, a service provider for a large enterprise could use these Wi-Fi solutions to determine how to configure access points and dynamically manage them on an ongoing basis. Visualizing the wireless LAN on a map, the operator or manager could easily determine how many access points would be necessary to cover a specific floor or area.