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MapInfo unveils MapInfo professional competitive upgrade program

September 9, 2002 – MapInfo Corporation has announced that it is offering a 20-day free download trial and a reduced rate of MapInfo Professional v7.0 to organizations currently using competitor licenses in North America. With MapInfo Professional, the latest version of MapInfo’s location-based intelligence software, organizations can visualize and analyze data and identify trends to make better-informed decisions. MapInfo Professional v7.0 includes a number of new features that promote information sharing and improve decision-making across multiple levels of an
organization. This upgrade program provides customers with an easy and efficient way to experience the technological and economical advantages of MapInfo Professional.

Through this competitive upgrade program, organizations will discover how MapInfo Professional v7.0 seamlessly integrates with existing solutions and enables them to move beyond traditional GIS functionality to share important data and information, resulting in more intelligent decision-making, while ensuring faster, more reliable performance and flexible integration of critical data.