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MapInfo uncovers data on rising gas prices

MapInfo Corporation issued an analysis of its demographic data which shows that some neighborhoods are feeling a big pinch from soaring gas prices because of the automobiles they drive. These insights demonstrate the depth and capabilities of MapInfo’s new PSTYE U.S. Advantage profiling solution. PSYTE U.S. Advantage helps businesses identify and profile their key market groups. Using data from the most recent U.S. Census combined with its own proprietary data and other location-enhanced data sets from such leading providers as the Polk Company, MapInfo reveals compelling insights into consumer trends such as the types of automobiles Americans prefer and who is spending the most money at the pump.

PSYTE U.S. Advantage is MapInfo’s neighborhood profiling solution. It enables marketers to identify and target their customer more accurately. PSYTE U.S. Advantage integrates hundreds of demographic and consumer behavioral variables —significantly more than any other segmentation system—from a myriad of data-rich input sources. Through this data, PSYTE users can pinpoint target customers and markets via 72 mutually exclusive neighborhood types or “clusters.” These clusters can be used to identify new potential markets or untapped areas within existing markets. The data can also be used to select the sites with the highest potential for retail stores, service centers and communications networks.