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MapInfo To Deliver New Wireless, Location-based Applications

October 15, 2002– MapInfo Corporation has announced that they will provide compelling and unique location-based services from Neumobility, a location-based software provider and a division of Cellular Technical Services Company (“CTS”). Using MapInfo’s worldwide network of strategic partners and distribution channels, the companies will provide a suite of wireless location-based applications on MapInfo miAware, the industry’s only proven, scalable and robust location services platform for creating and delivering location-based services (LBS). Neumobility is also the newest member of the MapInfo. miAware(TM) Developer Services Program, a worldwide program that provides developers and content providers with new revenue opportunities in the growing market for business and consumer location-based services applications.

This agreement enables carriers to quickly deploy a variety of exciting applications, including interactive multimedia messaging (MMS), permission-based mobile coupons, customized business searching and real-time mapping. Neumobility s applications and the miAware platform are Java-based and integrate seamlessly with a wireless carrier’s network infrastructure, resulting in faster market delivery of location-based services.

This proven technology allows wireless users to expand their mobile experience in useful and creative ways. For example, users can post messages (either text, voice or images) at specific locations. Other users can then access the information using location searches, keywords or other descriptors. Based on the terms of the agreement, MapInfo will deliver the following Neumobility applications as part of a complete miAware solution:

  • NeuMerchant(TM) – An always-on, virtual business card, NeuMerchant enables businesses (or third parties) to create and maintain detailed, interactive information that is geo-coded to the company’s actual location.
  • NeuCoupon(TM) – With NeuCoupon, consumers and businesses enjoy a mutual relationship that benefits both parties by combining permission-based advertising with location-based messaging. The opt-in application enables both push or pull coupons.
  • Plink – A friend-finder application, Plink allows a Web or mobile device user to see, communicate and meet with nearby friends, family and colleagues. Automatic trigger alerts can be set when people cross a defined radius.
  • FindIt – Using a mobile device or a personal computer, users can easily find ATMs, restaurants, specialty stores, libraries, bus stops and more. Users can also receive driving or walking directions and other detailed information.
  • StickyNotes – Create virtual, private memos – complete with pictures or sounds – and attach them to actual map locations.
  • Graffiti – Like StickyNotes, Graffiti is location-based content written and posted to a specific location but seen by all users.
  • User-Defined Services – This application is a location-based and interest-specific messaging community created by the user. The user names a service, invites friends and shares content.