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MapInfo – Singapore, announces launch of Exponare

MapInfo Corporation, recently launched MapInfo Exponare, an integrated suite of applications that connect with a range of corporate data sources and applications enabling the company-wide deployment of location intelligence.

Exponare is centrally managed and has been designed as an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution, which is easy to install and use. MapInfo’s experience in the planning and implementation of location applications has enabled MapInfo to develop a solution that allows organisations to realise the full potential of location intelligence. Exponare combines MapInfo’s location-based technology with the flexibility of web services and the Microsoft.Net framework.

According to the MapInfo’s release, GIS earlier have provided essential capabilities for many business and government organisations in South East Asia. However, these solutions have tended to be implemented as ‘add-ons’ to core departmental systems, restricting an organisation’s ability to use ‘location intelligence’ to its full corporate potential. Exponare addresses this situation, by seamlessly integrating location information analysis capabilities with most corporate systems. This allows for location applications to be quickly extended supporting a variety of business needs in multiple business units, geographies and application environments including web services.

The company claims that Exponare allows for the more efficient sharing of information across an organisation and is a simple, powerful solution that makes location-based information an everyday business tool. The first module of Exponare, Enquiry, will be available in June 2004. Public and the Developers Edition are expected in July and August 2004 respectively. Exponare is available through MapInfo and its extended partner network.