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MapInfo releases demographic insights into consumer behaviour in USA

Troy, New York, USA, 26 February 2007 – MapInfo Corporation has released demographic insights into potential consumer behavior to find the biggest spenders in United States of America. MapInfo used its PSYTE U.S. Advantage neighborhood segmentation system, which profiles lifestyle and consumer habits in 72 “cluster” groups, to gain insight into who the big shoppers are and where they live.

Based on MapInfo’s research, here are descriptions of Americans in several key counties:

– MapInfo found that folks in Marin County, California were most likely to open their wallets wide, leading the nation with the highest average household expenditure. Big shoppers in the Bay Area are well represented with San Mateo ranking fourth and Santa Clara ranking ninth. New Jersey, home to more malls per square mile than any other state, also topped the list with Morris and Somerset Counties ranking fifth and sixth.

– Below is the full list of the top 10 spending counties.

1 MARIN, California
2 FAIRFIELD, Connecticut
3 FAIRFAX, Virginia
4 SAN MATEO, California
5 MORRIS, New Jersey
6 SOMERSET, New Jersey
8 SUMMIT, Utah
9 SANTA CLARA, California
10 NASSAU, New York

Who are the Shopaholics?
Providing a sneak peek into who these big spenders are, MapInfo profiled the top counties through its PSYTE segmentation system and found the following three clusters dominating the list:

– Executive Domain—These top business executives are running to the stores just as fast as they’re climbing the corporate ladder. Consisting generally of business, financial and healthcare professionals, these households are mostly dual-earning couples between the ages of thirty-five and fifty-nine, comprising approximately 25 percent of households in Fairfax, Virginia, as well as Morris and Somerset, New Jersey.

– Only in America—Nearly 60 percent of households in Nassau, New York and 34 percent of households in Westchester, New York fall under this multi-ethnic mix that is 75 percent white, 10 percent Hispanic and 6 percent African American. These college-educated homeowners have a mean family income of $75,000 and are predominantly found on the East Coast.

– Professional Duos—Found in all major metro areas, these high-earning couples comprise about 18 percent of households in Marin County, California and are mostly doctors, lawyers and educators. 25 percent of these households are ethnically diverse, and 80 percent own their own homes.

“Using MapInfo’s geodemographic services to identify where in the country consumers are spending the most and who these shoppers are, we are able to take an in-depth look at American lifestyle and behavioral characteristics,” Sebastien Rancourt, PSYTE Advantage Product Manager for MapInfo.

“Businesses across all industries, including retail, restaurants and financial services, use MapInfo data and research capabilities to gain valuable insight into consumer behavior, lifestyle and location in order to make more accurate and intelligent decisions.”

– About MapInfo
MapInfo is a global company and the leading provider of location intelligence solutions, integrating software, data and services to provide greater value from location-based information and drive more insightful decisions for businesses and government organizations around the world. MapInfo solutions are available in multiple languages through a network of strategic partners and distribution channels in 60 countries. Headquartered in Troy, New York, MapInfo is on the World Wide Web at www.mapinfo.com.