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Mapinfo Professional Version 11 launched

Singapore: MapInfo Professional v11.0 is a Microsoft Windows-based mapping application that allows business analysts and GIS professionals to easily visualise the relationships between data and geography.

MapInfo Professional v11.0 addresses key usability and business problems related to spatial data creation, analysis, access and spatial data management. The new browser window offers advanced data entry options and follows the latest industry practices that result in a simple yet effective data entry experience. MapInfo Professional’s direct integration with MapInfo Manager promotes effective use of an organisation’s spatial data. The all new Premium Services option makes road level contextual data or navigating a map as easy as clicking a button or typing an address.

MapInfo Professional v11.0 makes tabular data entry, editing, navigation and analysis very convenient. The new browser window offers advanced data entry options and adopts the latest industry practices for easy and effective data entry. Easy access to style and display options such as font, size and alternating row colour ensures improved data readability.

MapInfo Professional’s integration with MapInfo Manager simplifies data management making it easy to quickly find and open the right data based on specific criteria. V10.5 added the ability to search and view metadata catalogues created by MapInfo Manager. V11.0 extends this integration with the ability to add map data to MapInfo Manager right from MapInfo Professional.

Source: PBBI