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MapInfo Professional 9.0 released by Pitney Bowes MapInfo

Washington, USA, 08 May 2007: Pitney Bowes MapInfo announced the release of MapInfo Professional 9.0, the latest version of the its application for business mapping and analysis. The enhanced MapInfo Professional offers several new advantages including support for the Microsoft Windows Vista platform, enhanced database support, direct access to more data formats, and the power to combine time and location based analysis.

“MapInfo Professional provides direct access to multiple forms of data, regardless of the format, enabling our bureau to consistently use the most up-to-date and accurate information available,” said Gena Denis, GIS coordinator for the Maine Department of Conservation, Bureau of Parks and Lands. “Now with MapInfo Professional, we have instant access to all forms of data, which has delivered enormous savings in time and resources.”

MapInfo Professional 9.0 offers:

Superior Data Access: MapInfo Professional 9.0 provides direct access to new geographic or infrastructure data formats including CAD and other vendors. This feature saves translation time and effort for end users, while simplifying data management. The new data access capability allows users to add up to 150 additional formats. This capability enables customers to analyze most of the data formats directly from MapInfo Professional.

Time-based Data Support: New capability permits correlations between location and time based activity. For users tracking time sensitive information, such as crime data, traffic flows, accident data or emergency vehicle movement, this provides the ability to analyze information based on location and time.

Greater Deployment Flexibility: MapInfo Professional offers extended flexibility to organizations to meet today’s various IT requirements, including the deployment of MapInfo Professional via silent installs, which facilitates automated deployments of MapInfo Professional to large groups of users, to best fit organizational needs. With support for Microsoft Windows Vista, Citrix and Terminal services, it provides flexible deployment options.

Improved Usability: Improved product interface for data analysis, map production and improved labeling allows MapInfo Professional users to spend more time on analysis of data.
“The enhanced data integration, time-sensitive data and multiple deployment options available in MapInfo Professional 9.0 make it an integral asset to enterprises looking to gain more value from their data,” said David Sonnen, senior consultant at IDC. “The ability to work with multiple data formats is a significant advancement that enables companies to better utilize the location component of their data.”

Pitney Bowes MapInfo, part of Pitney Bowes is a provider of location intelligence solutions, integrating software, data and services for private and government organizations around the world. MapInfo Professional will be available in mid-June. For more information, please visit www.mipro.com, www.mapinfo.com or www.pb.com