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MapInfo Long-Term OEM agreement with Siemens IC Mobile for MapInfo miAware ‘GeoToolBox’

MapInfo announced that it has signed an OEM agreement with Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (IC Mobile). Under the terms of the agreement Siemens will incorporate MapInfo’s miAware(TM) “GeoToolBox”, which provides functionality such as mapping, routing and geocoding, within its Location Enabling Server, Siemen’s industry-leading solution for the delivery of location-based services.

The deal signals a long-term commitment by Siemens and MapInfo to continue their close working relationship in the developing location-based services marketplace. For instance, MapInfo’s location-based technology was deployed within the Siemens Location Enabling Server to a number of Vodafone operating companies in Europe. This enables Vodafone to provide its customers with mobile location-dependent services and applications under the Vodafone Live! brand, which offers subscribers a series of value-added services, including Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), picture messaging, ring-tones and games. The OEM agreement announced today will enable Siemens IC Mobile to offer similar functionality to other service providers around the world.

MapInfo miAware “GeoToolBox” enables wireless service providers to offer a wide range of unique location-dependent applications that incorporate elements such as tracking and routing, location-sensitive content and “find the nearest.” By integrating MapInfo technology with the Siemens Location Enabling Server, wireless service providers are able to differentiate their offerings for all types of customers, resulting in a significant competitive advantage. Service providers have the option of using pre-built application templates or developing their own distinctive offerings specifically customized to their subscribers’ needs.

“Siemens IC Mobile has been an important partner from the outset and we are delighted to have completed this OEM agreement, which is testament to the strength and scalability of our location technology,” said Mark Cattini, president and CEO, MapInfo Corp. “We are confident that MapInfo’s ongoing technology partnership with Siemens will see continued joint success with Vodafone and with other mobile operators around the world looking to deploy robust, scaleable and feature rich location-dependent applications.”

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