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Mapinfo launches .NET based-MapXtremer 2004

MapInfo Corporation has launched MapXtremer 2004, the next generation of its location-based technology platform. Built on Microsoft .NET, MapXtreme 2004 enables users to develop custom mapping applications that can be deployed both on the desktop and the Web using the same core engine. MapXtreme 2004 claims to provide new functionality, including an open architecture that supports IT and industry standards, the ability to develop and deploy more robust applications, and complete integration with the .NET development environment.

Previously, if a company wanted to move an application from the desktop to the Web, its IT group would either have to have the in-house expertise or need to learn new programming languages as well as a new development environment. Since MapXtreme 2004 leverages Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, which consolidates Web and desktop development, developers can now create mapping applications for both the Web and desktop environments using the same skill set. As a result, companies should be able to more efficiently leverage existing resources, resulting in drastically reduced development time and cost savings.

MapXtreme’s open architecture provides enhanced support of the most commonly used Web services standards from the Open GIS Consortium Inc. (OGC), resulting in increased interoperability. These standards include Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS) and Geography Markup Language (GML). As a result, users are able to more easily exchange location-based information across networks and platforms. In addition, MapInfo’s support of ADO.NET extends the number of data sources that users can access with MapXtreme 2004.