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MapInfo launches MarketBalance for enhanced B2B sales results in the communications industry

Troy, New York, USA, 6 February 2007 – MapInfo Corporation, the provider of location intelligence solutions, has announced the release of MarketBalance, a custom solution that helps communications companies identify the optimal mix of business market potential and sales resources. MarketBalance is designed to enable businesses to unlock hidden business-to-business market opportunities and increase sales by deploying their sales force more effectively.

MarketBalance is a two-part sales management tool consisting of MapInfo modeling software and consulting services. The integration of data combined with MapInfo consulting services enables clients to establish specific criteria for an ideal business prospect based on market potential.

With MapInfo MarketBalance, communications companies can improve their knowledge of business customers and prospects in order to increase business sales. By integrating current customers and prospects with third party, industry-specific data, companies can uncover new or untapped customers as well as the infrastructure and demographics to support new product launches.

In order to find the best customers, MarketBalance provides the ability to look at the sales territory on a large scale via advanced visualization mapping capabilities to manage sales channels and respond faster to changing market conditions. Companies have the ability to realign the sales force proactively to bring underperforming territory sales to an optimum level.

“MarketBalance is a powerful B2B sales optimization tool for the communications industry,” said Chris Cherry, Director of Communications Industry Strategy. “MarketBalance enables the communications industry to align business clients, prospects and resources. Using MarketBalance, clients have the ability to target their sales resources to focus on those customers and prospects that will provide the best returns for their business.”