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MapInfo launches Cartique Europe 2004

MapInfo, with European HQ in England, has launched Cartique Europe 2004, the latest version of its detailed, 28-layer, digital map base for graphic output, backdrop mapping and route planning. Seamless and
consistent for mapping across the whole of Europe, Cartique Europe 2004 provides greater accuracy and detail and better reflects European mapping conventions, said the company’s release. Its comprehensive gazetteer has also been increased by 160,000
points and now provides over 640,000 locations, communications links and features.

Used in conjunction with MapInfo’s location-intelligence software and tools, such as MapInfo Professional, MapX or Drivetime, Cartique provides an essential data set for a wide range of applications including
market analysis, site location, routing and network analysis and is used across a range of industry sectors including retail, financial services,
telecoms, automotive, local government and emergency services.

Cartique provides a consistent vector map database at a nominal scale of 1:300,000 and is available for the whole of Europe, selected regions or individual countries. Comprising both mapping and drive time datasets Cartique can be used
stand-alone, or in conjunction with MapInfo tools.