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MapInfo introduces MapInfo ImagePro

MapInfo Corporation has announced MapInfo ImagePro(TM) US, easy-to-use, high-resolution aerial photography that can be incorporated into a variety of applications for real-world views of specific locations and areas. With ImagePro, users in virtually all industries can gain the ground-level intelligence needed to make better, more informed business decisions.

For example, in the public sector, ImagePro enables administrators and planners to see the actual
layout of an area for better homeland security planning, more accurate urban development studies, change studies and other planning activities. When analyzing crime or planning response strategies, ImagePro provides law enforcement agencies with an accurate and up-to-date view of neighbourhoods.

There are also several ways in which corporate organizations can take advantage of ImagePro’s
detailed aerial photography. Market analysts at retail chains can see the exact locations of potential sites for new stores. Business analysts can overlay customer and prospect databases onto aerial photographs of neighbourhoods to quickly see market penetration and identify new opportunities. Real estate brokers can show potential homebuyers the surrounding neighbourhood of a potential home, speeding up the sales process by providing the buyer with more detail prior to a tour of the home.

In the wireless industry, network planners can see the exact terrain and detail surrounding resources such as cell towers and fibre optic cable, resulting in improved asset management and more accurate site selection and antenna placement. Wireline telecommunications experts can dramatically increase efficiencies in determining where to place fibre and equipment.

ImagePro readily complements other MapInfo data products such as MapInfo® StreetPro®. With StreetPro, users can obtain information such as streets with names and address ranges, along with administrative information such as county lines or city boundaries. By overlaying ImagePro onto StreetPro, users gain a detailed view of a specific location or area, giving them ground-level context and added accuracy for their decision-making process.

MapInfo ImagePro also easily integrates with MapInfo Professional(R), MapInfo MapX(R) and MapInfo(R) MapXtreme(R) for Windows. MapInfo ImagePro is pre-processed and pre-packaged into practical, application-oriented county units to get users started immediately and to save them significant time.

MapInfo ImagePro will begin shipping on March 15, 2002.