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MapInfo introduces Exponare

MapInfo Corporation has announced that it has introduced Exponare, a powerful solution offering a series of pre-built, easy to use applications that makes location-based information an everyday resource across an entire organization. The unique value of Exponare is that it can be centrally deployed and managed, allows for data integration and can be configured by non-programmers quickly and easily.

Exponare delivers less complexity, greater interoperability and the ability to more efficiently share information across an organization without proprietary or specialized IT skills. MapInfo Exponare consists of two modules: Enquiry and Public. Enquiry, an internal client application, allows users to perform queries, view and print maps, generate reports and perform mail merges. Public, a Web-browser application, offers remote access for employees and a way for citizens to easily access information.

Exponare is specifically designed to be user friendly and intuitive, relying on familiar user interface components such as “drag and drop” and drop-down lists, and caters to a wide range of users from technical specialists to the general public. An administrator can control access, user interface, functionality, data sets, queries and print templates from a central server, eliminating the need to visit individual workstations to install or upgrade the software. This drastically reduces time, effort and subsequently, administration costs. Exponare’s intelligent configuration tool provides an unprecedented flexibility to organize and use data specifically for the needs of individual users or departments.

Additionally, Exponare combines the power of MapInfo’s proven location-based technology with the flexibility of the Microsoft .Net framework and Web Services. Organizations, such as local governments/municipalities, can use Exponare to discover the full value of their information resources and deliver the high quality of service demanded by today’s constituents.