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MapInfo identifies where college graduates live and what jobs attract them

Many of this year’s college graduates are leaving behind more than four years of studies to find a job in this tough economy. According to MapInfo’s Predictive Analytics demographers, many are also leaving their college town. In a study of residents with bachelor degrees, MapInfo uncovers interesting demographic trends about the country’s top metropolitan areas. While bachelor degree-holding beach boys and girls of California dominate the top ten list, renowned “college town” Boston, Massachusetts did not make the cut. The top ten metro areas with the highest penetration of people with bachelor degrees are clustered in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and Colorado.

MapInfo uncovered this information while engineering the PSYTE® U.S. update, MapInfo’s industry-leading neighborhood segmentation system. Incorporating data from the 2000 U.S. Census with MapInfo’s location-enhanced lifestyle and consumer demographic data, PSYTE provides valuable insights into lifestyles and consumer behavior. Connecticut’s Cream of the Crop—It is no secret the richest individuals are often the best educated. The Constitution State is no exception; it is home to some of the most affluent individuals and the highest percentage of residents with bachelor degrees. Graduates are attracted by a thriving financial services industry, led by insurance, finance and real estate companies that employ more than 2.2 million local residents. From the Big Apple to the Garden State—Middlesex County, New Jersey is not just hometown to rockstar Jon Bon Jovi. The Middlesex-Somerset-Hunterdon metro area is also home to the tenth largest metro in MapInfo’s list. Industries such as pharmaceuticals attract graduates, seeking white-collar jobs, away from nearby business mecca New York City. While taking advantage of lower tax structures, these businesses are also closer to employees’ homes, reducing stressful commutes. Trading in the surfboard for an SUV—California has half of the top ten metros. San Jose and San Francisco metros have the nation’s largest numbers of college-educated Asians. Often seen driving an SUV or Asian sports car, these grads keep their college connection and are often members of their school or college alumni associations. PSYTE® U.S. is a unique combination of MapInfo’s location-enhanced lifestyle and consumer demographics and clustering techniques that result in one of the industry’s renowned neighborhood clustering systems. PSYTE U.S. ties location to the behaviors and characteristics of the diverse American population helping customers make more insightful decisions about market and product potential, store placement and target marketing.