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MapInfo finds where the richest Canadians live

MapInfo Corporation announced an update to its demographic data for its core Canadian products, making them the first demographic analysis offerings on the market to incorporate all available 2001 Census data from Statistics Canada. MapInfo’s 2003 Estimates and Projections, Daytime Population, Consumer Expenditure Potentials and PSYTE Neighborhood Segmentation System will arm businesses with the most recent data available for fueling market potential studies, customer acquisition and target marketing campaigns and site location analysis.

MapInfo’s Estimates and Projections Canada reveals compelling insight into Canadian lifestyles and topical characteristics of its citizens. Of particular interest, the new data forecasts the country’s population growth and household incomes over the next five years.

— National Growth–MapInfo projects an overall national population growth of four percent or 1.25 million projected population increase from 31.5 million in 2003 to 32.7 million by 2008.
— Top Growth Towns–MapInfo anticipates Mississauga will be the city most impacted by this growth, gaining 69,000 people over the next five years. The cities with the fastest growth, however, include Vaughan–where MapInfo estimates a 16.7 percent increase from an estimated 210,759 in 2003 to 245,968 in five years and Richmond Hill–the second fastest grower with a 15.5 percent increase from 151,403 to 174,907 by 2008.
— Movin’ on Up–MapInfo estimates that the average Canadian household income will grow 12 percent from its current annual average of $57,648 to $64,510. For Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary– homes to the top income earners in the country–this could mean some new neighbors. In 2003 alone, there were 2,117,642 Canadian households pulling in over $100,000 annually.
— Fun Destinations -MapInfo population projections indicate high growth in well-established and well-known recreation towns. The ski resort destinations of Whistler BC and Mont Tremblant, Quebec as well as the popular Ontario summer destination, Wasaga Beach Ontario are all projected to grow by 12-13 percent by 2008.

MapInfo’s Estimates and Projections Canada database continues to be the de-facto choice for the most accurate and up-to-date Canadian demographic information on the market. The database incorporates Statistics Canada’s 2001 Census data and is available on the new census geography. MapInfo’s new data enables marketers to identify the latest demographic trends and estimated market characteristics for the current year as well as projections across hundreds of variables for three, five and ten years ahead. Some of the new variables added for the 2003 data include: household income distributions, total population age categories (both male and female) and 2001 adjusted Census population counts.