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MapInfo extends partnership with Statistics Canada to develop Value Added Location-Enhanced Solution

Toronto, Canada, 05 April 2007: MapInfo Corporation today announced an extension of its long-standing partnership with Statistics Canada (STC) to provide customers with location-enhanced demographic solutions. The Census of the Canadian Population was conducted in May 2006 and the data will be provided by Statistics Canada and MapInfo in a series of eight topic based releases which started in March 2007 and extend until June 2008. Armed with this information, companies can better understand their customers’ lifestyle preferences and buying patterns as well as the competitive landscape, enabling them to make insightful marketing decisions.

The new data products built with 2006 Census information from STC, Canada’s central statistical agency, will be provided by MapInfo in a database format which can be used as a stand-alone database or within MapInfo’s extensive products and services offerings. This data will provide the necessary input to create the next version of MapInfo’s demographic data products including Estimates and Projections, Daytime Population, Expenditure Potentials, Canadian Wealth, Disposable and Discretionary Income and the PSYTE Advantage Canada suite of products. This enhanced data will provide customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information of the Canadian landscape, which helps in making more informed decisions with regard to site selection, more accurate market analysis and better ROI on target marketing initiatives.

For example, a retail customer using a MapInfo product equipped with the new 2006 Census data will be able to determine with greater accuracy who makes up its target markets, where it should consider opening new stores and how changing demographics impact the performance of existing store locations. MapInfo, using STC data, helps customers to make more educated decisions about future business plans, better sales projections and proper growth expectations with the most current demographic information available.