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MapInfo delivers powerful decision-making with MapInfo Professional v7.0

MapInfo Corporation has announced MapInfo Professional. v7.0 and MapInfo Professional for Microsoft. SQL Server(TM), the newest versions of its leading location-intelligence software. MapInfo Professional is used by organizations in virtually every industry to visualize and analyse data and identify trends to make better-informed decisions. MapInfo Professional v7.0 and MapInfo Professional for SQL Server include new, easy-to-use features that promote information sharing and improve decision-making across multiple levels of an organization.

MapInfo Professional provides users with the ability to visualize, manage, enhance, report and publish information with a location aspect. For example, it allows marketing departments to perform sophisticated data analysis to determine target markets and plan effective direct mail campaigns. Sales managers can gain in-depth intelligence of customer buying habits for improved CRM practices. Operations managers can track field assets and service personnel.
Organizations can also use MapInfo Professional to assess risk, plan disaster recovery and form business continuity strategies. Government agencies can use MapInfo Professional to strengthen homeland security practices with smart emergency response tactics and asset management procedures. Through location-based intelligence, MapInfo Professional helps businesses and government agencies make better decisions and increase ROI.

New Features Bolster Information Sharing and Decision-Making
MapInfo Professional v7.0 supports industry standards and is Microsoft Windows and Windows. XP logo certified. This enables easy integration and interoperability with other MapInfo products and business applications for enterprise-wide analysis. A new easy-to-use interface offers extensive data access options to the non-technical user and further enhances the user experience with new preference settings and options. Enhanced data manipulation, processing and publishing capabilities provide additional ways of viewing data. In addition, users can now access data from disparate applications and remote enterprise databases, including SQL Server, to build a complete demographic view. MapInfo Professional v7.0 also allows users to share data, via the Internet, intranet or Pocket PC device, with customers, partners and co-workers, for improved collaboration and communication.

MapInfo Professional for Microsoft SQL Server gives organizations the ability to share information in a way that is not possible with flat file systems. Multiple users can access and analyse data inside SQL Server through a MapInfo Professional interface and then edit the same maps, at the same time. This is important for users who are collaborating with several colleagues or business partners.

Pricing and Availability
MapInfo Professional v7.0 will be available in June at a cost of $1,495 with recommended maintenance of $395. MapInfo Professional for SQL Server will be available in June at an additional cost of $500 to MapInfo Professional 7.0 customers. MapInfo Professional v7.0 is available for Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows 98.