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MapInfo and Sendum reveal wireless tracking devices at CTIA

MapInfo Corporation and Sendum Wireless Corporation will reveal a family of wireless tracking devices at CTIA Wireless this week. Using MapInfo miAware, Sendum tracking devices enable companies to track many different types of assets, ranging from packages to cargo to vehicles. The devices help organizations prevent loss and improve customer satisfaction by providing a fast and efficient means to ensure the safety and security of assets.

Every day, companies lose millions of dollars as a result of lost or stolen shipments. This problem has enormous cost implications, as well as a significant impact on customer satisfaction. Sendum solution combines wireless technology with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to create package-tracking solutions that are small, low cost and work in environments where traditional GPS can not. Using MapInfo miAware, Sendum s solution enables organizations to easily track and monitor all shipments in real-time. By displaying packages on a simple map interface, organizations can easily see if a package travels outside of a given area or appears to be off-track. For example, banks can use this solution to track shipments of moneybags and receive alerts if the packages are transported out of the set parameters. Government agencies can track shipments of vital military equipment and supplies. Computer technology companies can monitor their frequent shipments of ink cartridges, computer chips or other expensive products.

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