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MapInfo analyzes where American moms live, work and have children

The Re-engineering of MapInfo’s State-of-the-Art Demographic Profiling System Identifies Illinois as Home to the Highest Percentage of Married Women and California as State with Most Children Under Age 19 With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the MapInfo Predictive Analytics demographers have uncovered interesting demographic trends related to mothers and babies. For instance, the study revealed that Provo-Orem, Utah has the highest potential expenditures per year on baby food, and Hawaii is home to the highest percentage of multi-generational families. According to the CDC National Vital Statistics Report, the number of U.S. births increased by three percent in 2000–resulting in more than four million births a year. MapInfo routinely uncovers information such as this while re-engineering the PSYTE US database–its industry neighborhood segmentation system. Clients use the information from PSYTE to uncover important trends regarding their customers or potential customers. PSYTE not only incorporates data from the U.S. Census, but it is coupled with MapInfo’s location-enhanced lifestyle and consumer demographic data to provide valuable insights into lifestyle and consumer purchase behavior.