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MapInfo adds critical insight capabilities to deliver new dimension of location intelligence across its offerings

MapInfo Corporation provider of location intelligence solutions for the enterprise, announced that it has acquired exclusive rights to develop and distribute Marconis Vertical Mapper(TM), a grid and 3D generation solution for enhanced location analysis. Vertical Mapper adds a significant dimension across MapInfo’s product offerings, enabling high-level grid and statistical modeling capabilities that provide customers with enhanced accuracy and reliability when making critical decisions. MapInfo will distribute and develop this product, adapting its functionality for applications including homeland security, law enforcement, agriculture, retail site optimization and 3D visualization.
Vertical Mapper works seamlessly with MapInfo s location-intelligent solutions, enhancing the power of these applications with high-end grid analysis and 3D modeling functionality to display, manage and interpret spatial information. Grids represent data that vary continuously from one location to another, such as elevation, temperature or average family income. By analyzing data in a grid format, users can easily view constantly changing data variables in relation to location by thematically mapping the data with color or relief shading, or by layering and comparing the data mathematically with other grid themes to determine unique or hidden relationships.
For example, police departments can use Vertical Mapper to create grid models to aid in the analysis of crime area “hotspots,” helping them to identify areas of higher crime rates to redeploy resources for the purposes of crime reduction. MapInfo will incorporate Vertical Mapper into its homeland security solution, Critical Area Response Manager (CARM), to help local governments with homeland security and contingency planning. This enables them to easily view the population radius that could potentially be affected by different levels of pollutants or biohazards in real-time, enhancing their response time.

Vertical Mapper can also enhance site location decisions. For example, if a retail store already has three successful locations in one city and wants to estimate revenue potential and determine how the proposed location of a new downtown store will affect existing stores, it can use Vertical Mapper to create a grid analysis model based on current customer data. Based on this information, the retail store can calculate the influence of each store location on the surrounding population, how the addition of a new store will affect the existing locations, as well as project the sales volume of the new store.

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