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MapFrame Corp. and C

Dallas, Texas, USA, 8 May 8, 2006 – MapFrame Corporation, the mobile mapping and field automation software solutions company announced its partnership with Germany-based C’RP, a IT consulting and software firm for utilities throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. C’RP will resell MapFrame’s FieldSmart software to electric, gas, water and wastewater utilities. CR’P has developed several mobile solutions and is a well respected consultant to utilities for field service automation projects.

CR’P implemented the first productive workforce management system in Germany for over 300 field workers at a large utility and integrated the system into SAP’s IS-U (CRM) solution for the handling of thousands of field orders daily in credit and collection, customer services, and maintenance. Currently CR’P maintains systems at over fifty utilities and is developing its next generation solution FelixX, the end-to-end utility work management solution with seamless integration into SAP’s NetWeaver and Enterprise Portal.

MapFrame’s FieldSmart software features a neutral interface that integrates and extends data from core systems such as CIS, work management and dispatch, along with GIS, into the field and throughout the enterprise. Powerful compression technology maximizes the amount of data that can be loaded on a mobile computer. Even the largest utility can fit GIS data (and related databases) for its entire service territory on a mobile device – eliminating the field worker’s dependence on network connectivity. Compression is also key to MapFrame’s incremental update process that synchronizes data to provide field workers with fast access to up-to-date maps and related data.