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MapFrame announces release of FSI 2.0

Dallas, USA, April 23, 2008: MapFrame Corporation announced the release of the enhanced FieldSmart Standard Interface – FSI 2.0. FSI 2.0 allows seamless interaction between MapFrame’s mobile mapping and field automaton software and 3rd party applications, such as mobile workforce management, ticket locate, and customer developed systems. In addition, it now provides a two-way interface between FieldSmart and 3rd party applications, enabling both applications to function as a cohesive workflow or as independent applications, achieving maximum user benefit through a set of transparent functions.
FSI 2.0 allows field users to perform all their work from the context of a map-based interface – a simple, straight forward interface that end users understand and embrace. For example, when MapFrame interfaces to a mobile work management system, FSI 2.0 allows the third party application to place its work orders directly on the GIS-based map. Field users can view the work orders with a simple click of the mouse. A double click on the work order location point pulls up the information from the 3rd party mobile work management application–allowing users to view and edit the information within a spatial context, and then send that edited information back to the 3rd party application.
“We understand utility, cable, and telecom field workers need more than just a map,” said Ron Howard, MapFrame Director, Product Management. “Our FieldSmart software provides field users with data from GIS, customer information, document management and work management systems, along with tools for street-level routing, inspections, data collection, and design. By providing the capability to interface one or two-way with 3rd party applications, FSI 2.0 brings even more data to the field users fingertips – further increasing productivity and improving efficiencies.”