Home News Mapcom Systems to integrate NAVTEQ Map Data into M4 Solutions

Mapcom Systems to integrate NAVTEQ Map Data into M4 Solutions

Chicago, USA, 16 May 2006 – NAVTEQ is providing its map data to Mapcom Systems for integration with its industry leading Geographical Operations System (GOS) software, M4 Solutions. Mapcom’s M4 Solutions software is used by telecommunication companies to map and manage inside and outside plant operations, as well as to openly integrate plant records with existing billing, accounting and customer service applications.

Mapcom Systems provides GOS solutions for the telecommunications industry – providing software and data conversion as well as integration and workflow analysis services. Mapcom Systems will incorporate NAVTEQ maps for use as its standard land base in the United States due to NAVTEQ’s highly accurate and comprehensive coverage. Under this new agreement, NAVTEQ will deliver quarterly updates of its map database to Mapcom Systems, for integration and deployment with its mapping solutions. NAVTEQ’s detailed map data will support plant management operations by enabling M4 customers’ new installs to be completed in less time, as well as helping dispatched service vehicles more readily find their trouble tickets and service orders locations.