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MapCloud signs agreement with GeoSolutions

MapCloud Services Inc. announced that GeoSolutions Consulting Inc. has become a Value Added Reseller of FreshMaps Internet mapping solutions. FreshMaps is a cost effective way to publish interactive web-based maps. The Internet user can view the map, perform spatial queries, zoom in or out, and access databases dynamically with a simple web browser. There is no need to download specialized GIS client software.

“FreshMaps provides our clients with a web mapping solution that meets their requirements for interactive mapping and is easy to integrate into the organizations web sites. It enables us to deliver map data quickly and easily without impacting the IT resources and adding new applications to the web server,” commented Dave Branson, President GeoSolutions Consulting Inc.

GeoSolutions has implemented a demonstration of FreshMaps, for their Carp River Watershed project. This viewer provides an informative view of thematic information that describes factors affecting the state of water resources in a quickly developing region of Ottawa. Communication of study information to the project stakeholders becomes more effective when information can be presented in a map format and easily accessed for viewing and querying.