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MapAsia launches an Asian mapmaking product, MapKing

August 2, 2002 MapAsia has launched their MapKing that is an Asian product managed by MapAsia.com Limited with input from several Asian partners. They focus in Asia and Greater China market.

MapKing is a digital Map on pocket PC with the GPS functionality, it is more than a product of MapAsia; it is also a product of computing and mapping professionals in several major South East Asian Cities of different colour, culture and language. It is a cross-cultural product of Asian companies with belief in global horizon and technology co-operation.

Hong Kong people, like many Asians are struggling aboard for future. MapKing provides road map on Pocket PC that help traveller to find one’s way. With MapKing(TM), no matter they are in Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kao Shung, Malaysia, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and other Asian cities, they locate their way with ease and quick.

During the press Launch, MapAsia has the guests from Legislative Council, Hon. Sin Chung Kai from the Information Technology Sector, Principal Consultant from the MBS of HK Productivity Council, Dr. Lawrence Cheung and representatives from the overseas partners. The quality of the map data and the high speed of the product have draw great attraction from the IT news .