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Map shows distribution of singles in Germany

Germany, 28 February 2007 – GfK GeoMarketing has created a map which shows the distribution of singles in Germany (Data Source: GfK GeoMarketing, GfK Population Structure Data 2006).

According to the GfK Population Structure study published by GfK GeoMarketing in late 2006, Berlin is the German city with the highest ratio of one-person-households. In Berlin, more than half of all households are single-households – the national average is only around 38%.

In Bremerhaven and Hamburg, too, at least every second household is a one-person household. Bremen, Munich, Regensburg, Brunswick, Leipzig, Wurzburg and Dresden are also among the ten urban and rural districts with the most singles.

Conversely, the more rural areas have markedly fewer single households. For example, Cloppenburg district in Lower Saxony comes right at the bottom of the list and at 10%, the percentage of singles is well below the national average.

People living in the districts around Vechta, Straubing-Bogen, Landshut and Borken are also not keen on living alone, with distinctly fewer singles than in other German towns.

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