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Map portal to communicate agricultural adaptation

US: The Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Knowledge Network has now been launched as a map-based website that aims to educate people and share knowledge on climate change mitigation options for agricultural and food systems.

The site contains comprehensive information on environment and climatic and aims to share and communicate research and tools to measure and adjust, with a focus on the resilience of poor smallholder farmers.

The site has multiple goals of gathering ground-based evidence about growing climate pressures on farmers, connecting farmers to scientific research aimed at mitigating the impacts, and addressing location-sprecific constraints and threats. The hope is to pull together a multidisciplinary community of policy makers, practitioners, researchers and donors.

The map interface holds links to local workshop across Africa and India, with photos, videos and details of these outreach efforts. Included are agrobiodversity case studies that detail local response efforts. By putting climate forecasts into farmers hands, the effort arms these disadvantaged groups with knowledge and tools to make a change before the impacts become overwhelming.

Source: Vector 1 Media