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Map of the World: Foundation for Intelligence

US: As one of the six principal pillars in the new immersive intelligence experience, the Map of the World is an environment where all geoint-related and multi-source content is integrated and exposed, according to NGA leaders who presented at the GEOINT 2013 Symposium in Tampa. “Map of the World is the foundation for intelligence integration. During the past year, NGA has made tremendous progress making the Map of the World a reality. As we integrate these views and add analysts’ observations, we can deliver deeper analysis more quickly than ever before,” said NGA Director Letitia A Long. Twelve different data views will make up Map of the World and nine of them are online now, including maritime and aeronautical.

“Our objective is to power an integrated community — with geoint at its core — to connect the intelligence dots so data is available when and where our customers need it. As the Map of the World continues to evolve, it is the foundation for intelligence, information and knowledge. Through a single point on the Earth, the Map of the World will present an integrated view of collection assets from across the community, mapping information for military operations, geoint observations, and NGA analytic products, data and models,” said John Goolgasian, Director of NGA’s Foundation GEOINT Group.

Source: NGA