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Map Maker Pro 3 includes a free GIS & map creation program

Map Maker Pro 2 has won customers in 100 countries since its launch in 1996. Map Maker Pro 2.4, the last major upgrade, was released 2 years ago. Now a completely new version of the program, Map Maker Pro 3 including Map Maker Gratis – a unique free GIS – is available as a
compact download from https://www.mapmaker.com/.

Map Maker Gratis, designed for the GIS novice, is more than just a viewer. It is a powerful program for raster and vector map creation and editing with thematic mapping, data-linking and printing capabilities. Map Maker Gratis users can upgrade to Map Maker Pro 3 as they require
more functions. Map Maker Pro users can distribute their map projects freely and widely via Map Maker Gratis.

Map Maker Pro 3 for cartography and GIS includes:

  • Wide range of user-definable fill styles, including symbol fills and multi-coloured hatching.
  • User-definable symbols.
  • Curved, stretched, and outline text and other text effects.
  • Point-and-click to pop-up images, documents and internet links.
  • Intuitive cutting and joining of polygons.
  • Single-click flood-fill vector polygon creation.
  • Raster and vector rubber sheeting.
  • Trim raster and vector to polygons.
  • “Spaghetti processing”, converting lines to polygons.
  • Polygon creation from overlapping polygons.
  • Use data from Microsoft Access, Excel, or dBase files to colour up a map or determine symbols.
  • Link data queries seamlessly to Microsoft Access forms or Lotus Approach Forms.
  • Simple tools for measuring areas and lengths.
  • Numerous spatial queries such as “contained in polygon”, “within x distance of line” etc.
  • Create and query buffer zones.
  • Download GPS waypoints and tracks or capture live data
  • * Ortho-rectify aerial photography using GPS control points.
  • Import a wide range of vector data including ArcView SHP, MapInfo MIF, AutoCAD DXF, USGS DRG, Ordnance Survey NTF, Ordnance Survey MasterMap (GML) etc.
  • View BMP, TIF, Geo-Tiff, JPG, and ECW raster data.
  • 250 page on-line manual