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Map-Logic releases postcode boundary data for the UK

UK: Map-Logic has released a new set of postcode polygons covering Great Britain for the use in all mapping software and GIS system. The company is an Ordnance Survey (OS) partner and Royal Mail PAF reseller and produces a range of databases and map products designed to help businesses improve operational efficiency and increase profits.

Richard Ives, Director, Map-Logic, said “As a result of the royalty free mapping files from OS,
Map-Logic is creating a range of low-cost products to further increase the use of the information in as many places as possible. Two of the first product releases are the Postcode grid reference file which provides an accurate grid reference for each of the 1.6 million Postcodes in Great Britain. Secondly, we have created a highly accurate and low cost Postcode polygon file for use in all desktop mapping systems such as MapInfo, Arcview, Maptitude and Google Earth. This will allow many more organisations to plan business frameworks such as retail areas, sales territories and franchise areas at a much lower cost than ever before.”

To view more information on these products, one can visit:
– Postcode Location Database …)
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Source: PRlog