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Map it, track it, analyze it with new state GIS portal in Montana

USA – The Montana State Library has launched a new Montana Geographic Information System (GIS) Portal that will serve as Montana’s primary source for locating the state’s GIS data.

GIS uses computers and digital map data to leverage the fundamental principle of geography, that location is important in people’s lives.
View the GIS portal www.gisportal.mt.gov.

“The new Montana GIS portal will provide improved access to geographic data for our state,” said Gerry Daumiller, manager of the library’s GIS section.

“Montana agencies are always increasing their use of GIS, whether it’s to map water rights or identify land owners affected by a construction project,” he said. “The new GIS portal will help them find data to make their GIS work. We will go to the Montana organizations that produce GIS data and make sure it is all accessible to everyone through the portal.”

The initial release of the GIS portal is focused on the needs of GIS professionals. For the general public, the portal contains an on-line map viewer that anyone may use to view basic maps and air photos of any location in Montana.

“The initial data catalog includes 400 databases and over 200 sample maps from the collections of the Montana Base Map Service Center, the Montana State Library, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks, and Flathead County,” said Daumiller. “During the next year, our staff will vigorously pursue other GIS data providers and help them add their data and maps to the portal.”

As time goes on, more and more of the data in the portal currently available only to GIS professionals will be activated as Web services that may be viewed by anyone by using the portal’s viewer.

Business owners will be able to consult Census data to see where potential customers are, and citizens will be able to look at school district, legislative district, and voting precinct boundaries.

Much of this data may already be viewed in various on-line applications, such as the Base Map Service Center’s property map server at https://gis.mt.gov, the State Library’s map viewers athttps://nris.mt.gov/gis, and viewers at several county web sites. The GIS Portal can make all this data viewable on a single map.

The Montana GIS Portal is made available by the Montana State Library in partnership with the Montana Department of Administration’s Base Map Service Center.

GIS information is provided by Montana state agencies, local governments, and other GIS offices throughout Montana.