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Map illustrates impact of American Jobs Act

US: To deal with the downturn in the US economy, President Obama introduced the American Jobs Act. In addition, an interactive state-by-state map has been created to show how the Act will affect states in the US, including how many teaching jobs it will create, how much money will be invested in infrastructure projects and the number of unemployed workers who will be connected with jobs. One can click here to read full text of the Act.

The proposal includes funds to retain and hire teachers and keep first responders on the job. It invests USD 50 billion in infrastructure projects to modernise roads, railways and airports, which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs. It offers tax breaks to small businesses to encourage hiring and payroll tax cuts for 98 percent of businesses to put more money in everyone’s pockets. It will help connect unemployed workers with pathways back to work.

Source: White House