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Malta to manage govt property with GIS


The Government Property Department of Malta has embarked on a project on management of government property assets using ICT.

As in other countries, the government of Malta owns and controls large holdings of land and built up properties. These properties represent a considerable asset to the government and are managed by the Government Property Department. During the last years, the department embarked on a roadmap to improve its operations, procedures and management. One of the core initiatives to achieve this transformation is to implement a holistic information system, which shall integrate improved processes with information technology.

One of the projects aimed at improving the management of government owned property is the Land Estate Management Information System (LEMIS). The project was initiated with an intensive study which took stock of the current business processes, data and existing information systems. These findings were documented and presented with recommendations for improved processes and are now being mapped in a state of the art IT solution. LEMIS will also include a full acquisition management, a GIS framework, together with document and work flow management.

The perceived benefits from this project are:
• Allowing the Government Property Department to become more customer focussed, thus being able to provide improved services to its clients;
• Efficiency gains in having a work flow business process, with scanned, digitised files, images and data available in real time, when and where required;
• Improved transparency, accountability and control by having full audit trails;
• Holistic view of all the government property, which will allow central Government to take informed decisions related to its property.

Source: Independent.com