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Malta, ESA sign space cooperation agreement

Valatta, Malta: The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) signed a cooperation agreement with European Space Agency (ESA). The objective of this agreement is to allow Malta and ESA to create the framework for more-intensive cooperation in ESA projects in the future.

Head of ESA Director General’s Cabinet, Karlheinz Kreuzberg; and Chairman of the Malta Council for Science and Technology, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando MP; signed the agreement in Valletta, in the presence of the Prime Minister of Malta, Hon. Lawrence Gonzi.

By signing the agreement, Malta gained an observer status at the ESA which gives the country an opportunity to collaborate with the agency and benefit from its resources.

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi noted that the agreement would result in new training and research opportunities for Maltese students and researchers, as well as access to the ESA’s facilities and the possibility of networking with ESA researchers to access EU funds for research projects.

He also underlined that, “Investing in research and innovation would create the right conditions to grow alongside manufacturing and other economic sectors.”

Discussions with ESA started in 2004 through the Maltese Embassy in Paris. The MCST, in charge of space affairs, was appointed as ESA’s counterpart.

Source: ESA