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Malaysia’s new flood hazard system is ready for use

Malaysia: A new flood prediction system ' Geoflood Information Visualisor' (GFIV) to help predict floods in Malaysia is ready for functional use.

The new system, which is an integration between hydraulic modelling and geo-spatial data preparation, can provide an insightful framework during flood disasters, which can be further developed as a tool for local authorities to measure the risk and impact in flood prone areas.

The project team comprising Dr Zaharah Mohd Yusoff, Ruzanna Ahmad Zahir and Abdul Rauf Abdul Rasam, mentioned that the new system could predict flooding disaster up to six hours in advance. Such advance information, the authorities can prepare and respond immediately in an emergency.

The system is also capable of predicting land use activity of the whole area, flood depth, size of population to be affected besides identifying the river network, roads involved and nearest disaster centres.

Source: The Star