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Malaysian villagers learn surveying to claim land rights

Sarawak, Malaysia: The Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) encouraged Bidayuh villagers to document their native customary rights (NCR) over lands themselves, without the help of government. To facilitate this ‘self survey’, the DBNA provided training to villagers on how to survey their land using GPS technology.

DBNA President, Ik Pahon said, “Only three people are needed to complete the task where one operates the GPS device, one sets up the positioning pack and the other records the log and coordinates. Once the reading and coordinates are recorded, the villagers would be taught how to operate the software to determine their land size.”

DBNA explained that NCR land has little value but if the land has a title, the value increases. Identification of NCR land would help the villagers in resolving land title disputes and proper documentation would increase its value.

Pahon noted that so far only 40 villages out of 338 have had their land surveyed and documented by the government. To expedite the issuance of land titles, Pahon suggested, “Once the people do their own survey, the government would only have to go in to endorse the pack and coordinates.”

Source: Borneo Post