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Malaysian minister for optimum usage of RS

Kotakinabalu, Malaysia: The people in Sabah (Malaysian State) need more exposure on the benefits of remote sensing (RS) technology, said Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai, State Resource Development and Information Technology Minister. He said that a large state like Sabah needs an effective technology to enhance agriculture, environment, land development and security.

“There must be optimum usage of remote sensing technology to ensure its benefits reach its end-users and the people, and at the same time, spur the country’s development,” said Moh Chai. He was attending an awareness seminar on remote sensing technology and related technologies organised by the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry, Malaysia.

Datuk Darus Ahmad, Director-General, Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency, said, “The Sabah Forestry Department was one of the state departments to fully utilise remote sensing technology to manage forest resources in Sabah. It has used it to monitor logging and other activities in the forests regularly.” Further, he added that the technology could take fast and accurate aerial photographs via satellite compared to traditional methods of using aircrafts.