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Malaysian election body maps electoral system for Sarawak

The Election Commission has developed an electoral graphical information system (Egis) for Sarawak, first time in Malaysia, said its chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.

He said the system contained detailed information on villages, schools, roads and rivers, in the constituencies concerned.

“It took eight months to develop Egis, and it is a beautiful system,” he told reporters yesterday.

State election officer Nordin Che Ngah said Egis was a computer software programme which stored all the relevant information that would make easier the commission’s planning work, especially during the general election.

He said the data, including rivers, bridges, roads, longhouses and schools, was obtained from the Geological Survey Department, Education Department, local authorities and other agencies.

Nordin said the system would also help the commission to locate populated areas, government buildings or polling districts in a particular area, and whether there was mountain terrain there at the press of a button. He said a similar system would be developed for other states.